Harston Village Hall Trust


Registered Charity no. 300397


Conditions of Hire



Please view this calendar to see availability of bookings. Whilst we try and keep it up to date, there is no guarantee of any date until confirmed by the Booking Secretary. For details of events in the Hall please see our Events page.

Timings refer to booking not necessarily the start time of an event. For contact details click on individual event.

You can request a booking by using the calendar above and clicking on the date and completing a new booking request. Alternatively email the Booking Secretary (details below). Using the calendar will reserve the room immediately although no booking is considered guaranteed until confirmed by the Booking Secretary.

If you are considering a regular monthly booking then it might be easier to just contact the booking secretary.

If you need help in making a Hallmaster booking then please watch this video on YouTube How to make a booking with Hallmaster

To discuss bookings please contact:

Booking Secretary

email booking@harstonvillagehall.org.uk

07551 606621